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A Mom's Village Enrichment Programming offers a variety of classes children of all ages.  Each program is designed by experts in the field and provides a stimulating, engaging, and enriching experience.  In order to build meaningful and lasting relationships, our classes are small groups where teachers know your child (and you) by name.


Our curriculum has been meticulously planned and designed with your child’s needs in mind and child development at its core. When visiting a Village enrichment class, you can be assured that there will be consistent structure that incorporates social learning (sharing, taking turns, cleaning up, working as a team, etc.), confidence building, and socialization.  Many of our programs can be used to supplement Remote and Hybrid Learning.


We are currently in the process of developing more programming to cater to the new needs of families during this unique time, so make sure that you are subscribed to our newsletter to be the first to know!


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Educational Programs:

Toddler Playschool:

A 3-hour drop-off "Pre-School Prep" program for children ages 2-3.5 years. During the fall, winter, and spring, children may attend one day per week. During the summer, multiple day options are available.  This program will introduce your child to a "classroom setting", letting them explore their creative side through music and art.  It will help build their confidence and independence, work on social skills, strengthen verbal and fine motor skills, and form friendships. Children are required to bring a mask to PlaySchool.  We understand that children of this age group may not reliably wear a mask for the whole duration of the day, and that is ok. We will work with them to get them used to wearing a mask in a fun and age appropriate manner. This class is best suited for ages 2-3.5 years and meets Tuesday-Thursday from 9-12.  $230/month with a $50 enrollment fee.


Mixed Ages PlaySchool:  

Our popular PlaySchool Program has been adapted to cater to a mix of ages and is a great supplement to Pre-School!  Offered on Mondays and Fridays, this program will allow children to learn and play together! We will also break up the group at certain times throughout the morning to do age specific activities.  Children in PreSchool will review important skills like cutting, letter recognition, handwriting and story structure, while little ones work on ABCs, colors and numbers.  This is a great class for siblings too!  Children are required to bring a mask to PlaySchool.  We understand that children of this age group may not reliably wear a mask for the whole duration of the day, and that is ok. We will work with them to get them used to wearing a mask in a fun and age appropriate manner.  This class is best suited for ages 2-5 years and meets Mondays and Fridays from 9-12.  $230/month with a $50 enrollment fee.


Space Rental/Custom Programming:

We know that there are many unique needs for families at this time.  Looking for a space to host your pod?  Looking for a specific type of enrichment class for your pod?  Looking for virtual enrichment programming, private programming, etc?  Something else?  We have a variety of different spaces within the Village that can be used for a variety of different programming!  Please reach out and we can brainstorm how we can fulfill that need! 


Music Programs:

Mixed Ages Music:  

You and your little villager will sing, dance and explore music through instruments, imaginative play, movement activities, musical story time, and more! Created with child development in mind and led by highly trained musicians (including a LIVE piano accompanist), these classes are fun, interactive, and unique! Come wiggle, giggle, and make new friends with us!  Masks are required for adults, but are encouraged for the children.  Masks are required for ages 6+. This class is best suited for ages 6 months-4 years.  $130/month.


Village Singers:  

This independent class is a chance for your Pre-School Aged Child to explore music independently! Class follows a similar structure as our popular music program while also adding in opportunities for your child to learn songs based on the session’s theme.  Children will explore instruments and vocal warm ups, learn musical terms, have dance parties with their friends, and sing solos for each other. This class is a great confidence booster and opportunity for your child to make music with their friends.  We will finish the session with a Virtual Recital!  This class is best suited for children ages 3-5.5 years who are comfortable being dropped off. Children will wear a face shield. $210/6-week session.


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Starting at

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